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i just had an interesting thought. abortion. murdur? maybe, but then what would a miscarraige or still-birth be??? cant guess? involuntary (wo)man-slaugter. with all the conservative quests to ban abortion or some abortions, its funny to think about how far some of them want to go.... for example... day1. so some pro-lifer says they just think that 3rd trimester abortions should be illigal... and you and i may think "well thats resonable, as long as the life and health of the woman is protected." then the next day, day2, someone will tell me that 2nd trimester abortion should be illegal too, and they use a persuasive argument that it has a heartbeat and how can you kill something with a heartbeat? and i, not knowing an argument for this yet may think "well maybey but..." and thats all i can come up with at the time... but of course now i would say that each american stops thousands of the living heart-beats of animals, and i'm quite sure that those animals are more cognazant that an unborn fetus of 4 months. and also that many women dont even know they're pregnant until the 2nd trimester, guess they're just out of luck, huh? day 3. a pro-lifer says to me that they believe that life begins at the moment of conception and that all abortion procedures should be illegal because they are murdering innocent babys... "thats funny" i think to myself, and i would laugh if i didnt honestly know that my rights were in jepardy. i think "wonder if they would give up their freedom of speech and religion cuz there were some pretty grousom wars that i can remember where millions of people died to protect those rights, INOCENT people." and then i think,"well, what about the consequences? how many women have to die from back alley abortions when abortion becomes totally illegal? and how many children have to die- wonder if those pro-lifers know that if a woman's had an infection from a bad abortion, her children of the future have a 90% chance of dieing before the age of 2?" and then they also say that the morning-after pill should be illegal because it is an abortion pill... those simply uneducated people trying to take away our rights! if only they were smart enough to research what they are so apposed to they would know that the morning after pill is not an abortion pill, it is a high dose of contraseptive medice so that the woman will not get pregnant, see contraseption doesnt happen during intercourse it happens within 6 days of it while the sperm is still alive inside the vagina. the morning after pill is to be taken within three days of the intercourse. well, whatever.... day4. this phyisician trys to become head of the fda. his beliefs: birthcontrol and abortions should be both illegal because they are the same. and the best medicine for cramps is prayer. then me and you and probly most people think that thats not too great, and the pro-lifers think "umm... well i didnt want it to go that far.. BUT AS LONG AS HE KEEPS ABORTION ILLEGAL I SUPPORT HIM!!" hurray.... day5. people should only have sex for procreation because god says to be fruitful (did i forget to mention that most of this stuff is based on a christian belief, totaly devoiding us of seperation of church and state?) ok so they took it a step further taking away more womens rights... and then comes in day6. when if someone has an abortion they are put to death and contraception equals jail time and a hefty fine. and miscariages and still-births equal involuntary (wo)manslaugter with all that it implies. and the father? an accomplice. now i know that this seems far out there for you pro-lifers who may be reading this, and could be. but think about how it looks for the women who want a choice about their bodies. i know its hard to i honestly do, but try. many women feel like their fate is in others hands. like they bodies are not there own, as if they are slaves. and these women wonder,"how far will it go?" they know you think "well you just shouldnt have sex... is that resonable though? for a woman that NEVER, EVER whats to have a child? so she should die a virgin, just to let you know, sex is very healthy, you cant be healthy your whole life with out it. women dont know where it will end, SO CAN YOU GIVE THEM AN ANSWER? CAN YOU PROMISE THEM THAT WHEN YOU MAKE ABORTION ILLEGAL THAT SOMEONE ELSE WONT MAKE BIRTH CONTROL ILLEGAL TOO? I WOULD LIKE TO THINK SO, BUT I DONT. WHEN YOU FINISH TAKING AWAY THIS RIGHT WHAT OTHER RIGHTS WILL BE STRIPPED AWAY FROM US? PONDER PONDER PONDER....
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