[★] Hannah Ax Wound [★] (jethrablack) wrote in guerilla_girls,
[★] Hannah Ax Wound [★]

come join ART RIOT..read about it behind the cut.............

Welcome to the Art Riot community! I am the artdumbstruck feministy rioty grrrlie jethrablack.My goal is to create a safe space for all people who have felt they are non artisitic or were just to afraid to follow there passions but have longed to create art. Maybe you already feel like your a great poet but want to start making films? maybe your a fine artist who doesn't feel they have a way with words? People who have had a passion to paint, photograph, write, sculpture, make film, but felt they were not worthy or it wasn't "for them" Art Riot is for you. For all of us to post, even what we feel may be the WORST ART EVER: post your screenplays, stories, photos of your work, share who you are through your art. All members must be supportive all our efforts and the intense thought and work behind everything we do, even if it doesn't always look polished and pretty. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for rudeness..if you dare say anything mean or itimidate another member you are not in the spirit of Riot Art and you will no longer have access to this community. The world of art is filled with elitism and until we can start from the ground and work our way up together, helping each of our friends indulge in the desire to create, nobody is going to feel comfortable. This is a place to be and do what you always wanted..free of judgement! full of encouragement!

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